Was it worth it?

anchor Everyone wants the nicest house, the fastest car. The newest phone, the luxurious vacations. The followers on Twitter, the likes on a selfie. The best of the best, no matter what it takes to get it.

can you buy Dilantin online You know that new boat you just had to have? The one that sits in storage for nine months out of the year? The purchase that was out of your means so you went from raising your children at home to a 9-5? Was it worth it? Was it worth missing your sons first steps or your daughters first words? After you posted pictures online and read all of the comments saying things like “wow!” or “awesome, I wish I had one!” did it make your life have meaning? And as you posted that picture and was absorbed in all of the envy people are posting, did you notice your toddler saying “mommy, play with me” or “daddy can I have a piggyback ride?” or did you toss them a toy and tell them you will later?

Did that perfect selfie, at the perfect angle, capture your perfect smile? Or did you miss your 1st graders grin when she put together a 100-piece puzzle all by herself? That same puzzle she’s been asking you to do with her for the last few days.

That new phone you’re on, that iPhone 6…was it worth scrolling through the newsfeed at the dinner table as your husband or wife tells you about their day? Or were you worried about everyone else’s? Or as you lay in bed next to your significant other, are you okay with two screens making each others face glow? Or do you want your face to glow from a smile, because there’s no where else you’d rather be?

The house you are in every single day, its suddenly not good enough. The home you raised your three beautiful children in, where memories were made… It’s outdated. Your neighbor just hired somebody to do their landscaping and now suddenly the hard work you put into yours with your husband looks like crap. Why? You loved the one on one time with your husband. You bonded, you laughed.

http://theheartofanartichoke.com/23523-desonide-lotion-price.html zip Why isn’t it good enough any more?

Everyone wants everyone else’s approval, to feel like they fit in, like they belong. Everyone gets caught up in things that don’t matter and will forget about tomorrow. People like to put others down. People try to paint a perfect picture to represent their life, but they’re doing nothing but representing a lie. Notice that the word lie is only missing one letter to become the word life.



Hug your loved ones tonight. Make memories, laugh, be silly. And don’t tell the world about it. Be happy without everyone’s approval. Genuinely love your life, don’t pretend to love a lie.

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