Twenty-Sixteen Made Me Nothing but Tired

The year of Hell is almost over and wow what can I say besides I’m tired? I optimistically welcomed 2016 with open arms in excitement of what we would do together. I was looking forward to growing as a person and eager to see what I could do in the 365 days we’d share. I intended on having a great year. What the year 2016 ending up being though was nothing but bullshit. Oh and twenty-sixteen made me freaking tired.


Tired of walking on eggshells when I speak.

Tired of safety pins and safe zones.

Tired of entitlement.

Tired of temper tantrums when things don’t go someone’s way.

Tired of black vs white.

Tired of pussy ass bitches.

Tired of people choosing to be offended by my words.

Tired of people who don’t even know me, telling me who I am.

Tired of self-righteous attitudes.

Tired of dumbasses.

Tired of cops vs civilians.

Tired of asshats on social media.

Tired of the riots, the protests and the destruction of cities.

Tired of being called racist, homophobe, sexist, bigot and uneducated.

Tired of participation trophies. If you suck you freaking suck, accept it.

Tired of being ‘politically correct.’

Tired of the media serving their own agenda.

Tired of Black Lives Matter.

Tired of All Lives Matter.

Tired of hashtags. #TheyDontFixStupid

Tired of fighting.

Tired of being freaking tired.


2016 has basically killed everyone but Betty White and thank God that didn’t happen. There are 24 hours left and I swear if 2016 takes Betty White between now and January 1st, I will die with her. Our souls will become one and together we will float off into the sunset with our middle fingers in the air, bumpin’ to some hoodrat shit.

So to summarize what you’ve just read, this is what I would say to 2016 if it were a human:

I hate you. You suck. Lick a bunghole. You smell like rotten cooter. I would rather put my tit in a wood chipper than relive this year of chicken-shit. You’re ugly. You can’t sit with us. Don’t let the dick slap your forehead on the way out.

Eat shit and die.

That is all.

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