To My Person

We all have that one person in our lives. This person serves us in many ways throughout our existence and they expect nothing in return. They are the one you call when you get your big promotion, the one you run to when you get your heart broken. They aren’t only there for the big moments, though, they are there for every little moment in between. They laugh with you, cry with you, talk with you and wrap their arms around you. But this person isn’t just a person…they are your person.

My person is my best friend and my best friend has always been there…So this is my thank you note I should have written you years ago. Thank you for the late night talks.

You know, the ones when I kept you up crying over a boy who would no longer answer the phone…I knew in the back of your mind you wanted to tell me that it wasn’t the end of the world…but you didn’t. Even if you didn’t say much, you simply listened to my nonsense. You were there.

Thank you for the adventures.

The spontaneous road trips, I’ll never forget. I was 16 and you were 15 and we both knew we may get in a little bit of trouble with our parents, but you would come anyway. Even if it were only a two hour drive and we didn’t have much gas money, you would say “Let’s do it!”… It were in these spontaneous moments where the most memorable memories were made. I would always drive and you would be in the passenger seat. You were there.

Thank you for keeping me together.

Our friend passed away and we had to speak at his funeral. As we wrote our speech together your Mom said to me “Stay strong for her. She won’t be able to get through this speech.” I promised her I would. The day of the funeral, we stuck to each other like glue. As it was our time to speak, we stood in front of a room full of a hundred people who loved this person just like we did. I began talking and I broke down. You had to do the whole speech on your own and you did without your voice making a crack. Not that you didn’t want to cry yourself, but you stayed strong because I was weak. You were there.

Thank you for the fights.

I know, it’s not typical to thank someone for fighting with you, but hear me out. Remember about 7 years ago we had that rough patch in our friendship? We didn’t talk for 6 months because we are both the most stubborn people in the world. I didn’t want to admit it at the time, but it was the roughest and most lonely six months of my life. But, I’m glad it happened. It made me realize you were my person. You were the friend in my life I didn’t ever want to lose. I texted you after a long six months and said “I miss you.” You replied “I miss you too.” And that was the end of it. You were never really gone. You were there.

Thank you for adjusting to my new life.

As people get older, things change. Life happens, people go their different ways. We didn’t. I met my husband, we had a baby. I’m married now with a family and you are 21 years old, enjoying what every other 21 year old does. But, you still make time for me and don’t treat me differently. I’m still me, just a better version of myself and you see that. My daughter doesn’t burden you, you love her and you made sure to have a friendship with my husband. You will never know how much that means to me. I was so scared when my life was changing, thinking I would no longer have friends. But, I do. Maybe I don’t have a million but I have you and you are what matters.

You are my person. You were there. You’re still there. You will always be there.

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