Three Reasons to Never Let Yourself Go

Is there anything in the world like falling in love? I mean, really think about it. The early stages of love are some of the most intense, exciting and happiest moments of your life. You get nervous around them, you hold in the most painful farts in your life and you make sure you look good ALL the time. Hell, I remember the first night my husband and I spent the night together…I quietly got out of bed, brushed the mop on my head, scrubbed away that morning breath and washed my face. I snuck back into bed and closed my eyes just waiting for him to wake up. He told me “You look so cute in the mornings…” and I of course would shrug it off, like aw, I woke up like this, really, I did.

Before I get into the three reasons why you should never let yourself go, let me start off by saying this is different from being COMFORTABLE in your relationship. By all means, be comfortable! If you’re a year in and you’re still holding in farts, God bless you! “Letting yourself go” is often used to describe someone physically, but let me tell you that it is way more than weight gain. convince 1. Be Comfortable…but not buy priligy in india too control comfortable.

Now, I’m not saying if you get too comfortable your partner is going to leave you because they don’t like that you wear sweats every day and wash your hair two times a week. (I’m not talking about myself here, I wash my hair three times a week and I just so happen to wear leggings). But, getting too comfortable in your relationship can begin to affect other areas in your life where you don’t want to be too comfortable. Getting too comfortable too soon can really shorten the “smitten stage” of any relationship and we all know we would like to drag that stage out as looooooong as possible. Keep the excitement with your partner! Make him guess what you’ll do next. Call? Text? Pfft. Who does that? Just show up at his house unannounced at 3 am between date number 6-8 and tell him you can’t wait for the next one. (I am kidding, please do not do that). vitalize 2. You will begin to skip out on weekends with your friends.

This is something I see far too often and I’m sure most of you do, too. When someone gets into a relationship, suddenly their schedule is full. I mean, every day of every hour.

“Hey, Beth! Let’s go get a Bloody Mary after work, for old times sake.

“Ohh…I’m so sorry Stephanie, I can’t! I actually have to watch Jason watch ESPN after work. Next time!”

No, just no. Do not be that girl. If you become this girl and then Jason decides to leave you, you will not know where to pick up your life. Everything will seem so different with your friends, you’ll only be able to handle two cocktails before they’re picking you up off of the bathroom floor at Applebee’s and they’ll all talk about how much you’ve changed after they drop you off. Just don’t do it, promise? And if you know this girl, tag her in this post and call her Beth. She’ll figure it out.

i pill price in bd 3. Your mental health will suffer more than your physical health.

This doesn’t apply to everybody, but it applies to enough people where it deserves its own number. The worst thing in the world isn’t gaining weight when you are in a relationship. Whoop-di doo! No big deal, whatever. The worst thing is, though, if your self esteem is negatively being affected. If you are like me and you gain ten pounds and can say “That’s just more handles for you to love, dear,” then that’s fine! On the other hand, most women get down on themselves…and I mean down. They never feel attractive, nothing fits right and they turn into an introvert which can lead to a whole other level of problems. Stay healthy. I didn’t say skinny, I said healthy. I’m talking mental health here. If your physical weight affects your mental health, then do everything you can to stay on top of it. (Giggity, giggity).

Letting yourself go isn’t the end of the world and it never will be. But, life is just too short to be unhappy, especially with things that are in our control. If you have let yourself go and you wish you hadn’t, stop. I’ve let myself go and when I came crawling out of that deep, dark, dirty hole with less friends, crazy hair and too long of toenails, I realized it was my new beginning. Being married didn’t mean I didn’t have a social life! Why the hell did I think that?! I started working out, I put make up on for zero reason and I called my friends. My marriage improved, my health improved, my life improved.

To put this into a nutshell…Trim those toenails! Brush that hair! Call the girls!

Now, go get ’em you foxy lady.

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