Here Goes Nothin’

vigamox eye drops price in india check Hey there, how do you do? I find myself sitting here in my mom’s basement on a Wednesday night, wondering why I am entering the world of blogging. I guess I didn’t realize I would have to design a web page so if it looks like poop, I do apologize. The only reason I’m sticking with it now is because I paid a good $30+ dollars and I am in too deep to back out. That is over 30 McDoubles and I can’t let that go to waste.

blog link Whether you have somehow stumbled across my page on a Google search gone wrong or you are a Facebook friend who reads my posts, thanks for checking it out! I am going to apologize already for the lack of skill I have in the blogging world, but I can only imagine that I will get better and probably make you laugh a time or two. I realize that I am basing my blog around the fact that I am blunt (and blonde, but not sure what my natural hair color is, haven’t seen that since like 2005) but I will also touch serious subjects as well. Not politician serious, but maybe subjects such as open letters to my husband, why being a mom is the coolest thing ever, or “how to strategically eat a large pizza in under 8 minutes without getting heartburn”, etc.

visit this website Consider this my awkward introduction and I am sure I will think of more than a few subjects to rattle on about shortly.

Phew…I’m glad this is out of the way; I feel like I just met someone for a blind date off of Plenty of Fish. Couldn’t wait until it was over.

Until Next Time!

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